Oahu & The Big Island, Hawai’i, 2010

A Hawaiian Airlines 717 approaches KOA, seen from Mahaiula Bay in Kekaha Kai State Park on the Big Island.

This was one of the craziest trips I've ever taken. Overall, it was a great vacation, but it was surrounded by events that conspired to make it a complete failure.

Three days after moving from Atlanta to Washington, DC, we departed on a trip to Hawaii. When we booked the trip, relocating to DC so that Brian could take a new job there was not in the plans, but then it happened. We kept the trip on the calendar, and left behind a half-unpacked apartment and three very confused cats for two weeks on Oahu and Hawai'i. In the craziness of digging through boxes to find clothes for the trip, I arrived there with almost no underwear, one pair of shorts, and only three pairs of socks. However, a trip to the mall had to wait, because less than an hour after breakfast on our first morning in Honolulu, Brian's sister, who was traveling with us, fell and broke her arm. Much of our first day on Oahu was spent in an emergency room.

Fractured arm set, a trip to the mall for clothing completed, and we set about making the most of our time in the islands. On Oahu, we spent time in Waikiki, climbed to the top of Diamond Head, hung out on North Shore beaches with shaved ice, and remembered the events of December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

Then it was on to the Big Island, where steaming volcanoes, lush rainforests, and beautiful beaches awaited.

This was the trip that just couldn’t be ruined. Not by a long-distance move, a new job, forgotten clothes, or a broken arm.


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