Thanksgiving in Europe, 2009


Some trips begin with a plan to go to a specific destination – and others begin simply with a desire to get out of town on specific dates and go wherever we can find tickets. This trip was the latter scenario. We knew we wanted to go someplace outside the US the week of Thanksgiving, while we both had time off, and that was about it. Then began a search for business class award inventory, and an itinerary emerged consisting of Atlanta-Brussels, returning Amsterdam-Atlanta. Bingo! Neither of us had been to either city or country before, and the two locations were a reasonable train ride apart.

I know plenty of people dislike Brussels, but I really enjoyed the city. Sure, it's not the most exciting European destination, but it was quite enjoyable to spend a few days there. And, how can one go wrong in a destination that's known for beer, chocolate, waffles, and frites? A day trip to scenic Antwerpen also provided a chance to experience a bit more of Belgium that was not Brussels.

Then it was time to travel to Amsterdam, a city known for its canals, vice, and having more bicycles than cars. A canal cruise, the Anne Frank house, Van Gogh, and a evening trip down to Den Haag gave us a taste of Dutch culture and history.

It wasn't the longest of trips, but it was fun, and started what seems to be a tradition for us of international travel in November.

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