Turkey & Jordan, 2012


In November 2012, we visited Turkey and Jordan. Our primary destination in Turkey was the city of Istanbul, but we also got up early one morning and caught a flight to Izmir, rented a car, and visited the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, returning to Istanbul that evening. From Istanbul, our travels took us to Jordan, our first visit to the Middle East. We spent a day in Amman, followed by our primary reason for visiting Jordan, a trip to Petra. We wound up our time in Jordan with a stay at the Marriott resort on the Dead Sea, and visits to Bethany Beyond the Jordan and Jerash. As an added bonus, our trip back home to DC gave us time to explore Mainz, Germany between flights. Photos from the German stopover of this trip can be found by clicking here.

This trip was filled with days of exploring ancient sites, spanning thousands of years of history, and a variety of ancient cultures. We also found that these ancient sites, particularly Ephesus and Petra, were full of stray cats. I ended up with so many cat pictures that the felines get their own gallery.


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