Southern Africa 2011 – South Africa, Zambia & Namibia

Victoria Falls

As 2011 kicked off, personal travel was not a consideration. My mother had just been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and changes we happening at my job that had me spending more time on the bench and less time traveling to clients. However, after my mother's passing in August of that year, we got busy with booking a trip that had been under consideration for several years – to visit friends who were living in Windhoek, Namibia. As the trip came together, a two-week itinerary split mostly between Western Cape, South Africa and Namibia was created – with a trip up to the border region between Zambia and Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls in the middle. This was our first trip to Africa, and really our first time to jump out of our comfort zone of travel to industrialized nations, and into a region of the world where modern conveniences are not always something that can be taken for granted.

Highlights of the trip included a trip up Table Mountain, a somber visit to Robben Island, whales in the bay at Hermanus, South Africa, the South African wine region, swimming in the Devil's Pool at the top of Victoria Falls, and our first African safari in Namibia's Etosha National Park. With this trip we fell in love with Africa, and Namibia and South Africa will always rank as two of my favorite places on earth as a result of this trip.

Our return trip also included a few hours in London. Photos from that portion of the trip can be found here.


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